Let me introduce myself:

I am Zsuzsanna Deák, a glass artist from Szeged.

-1976. I was born on September 26 with my twin brother in a family with many children in Szeged.

-1991. In the summer I became Hungarian Champion in Women's Kayak 500m.

-1991-1995. I graduated from the Tömörkény István Art High School - Graphics Department. My master: Endre Pölös was a graphic artist.

-1995-1998. I was the shard of the Shard Glass Company. Here I was introduced to this wonderfully diverse material, glass.

-1998-1999. Interior designer OKJ.

-1998-2001. I was the head of the decorative glass department at Jüllich Glas Holding.

-Since 2001. (since the birth of my son) I have been a private entrepreneur glass designer.

-2016-2019. I was a student of the JGYPK Department of Visual Representation - Architectural Flat Glass of the University of Szeged. 
I dedicated my university years to glass sculpture. My Master and Consultant Teacher during my university years:
János Kovács Keve DLA, glass designer, graphic artist, associate professor.

-2020-2022. Moholy-Nagy University of Arts master's degree.


Scholarships, graduations, diplomas:

- November 30, 2016 - SZTE JGYPK Scientific Student Conference I.Place - Glass Sculpture - Fragment
- October 18, 2017 Winner of the Kass90 + Competition - My "Dilemma" glass sculpture organized by the College of Art, Art Pedagogy and Art Mediation
- May 10, 2018 Sófi Scholarship, Outstanding Board of Trustees Award
- In the 2018/19 academic year, Fellow of the New National Program of Excellence - To support a Researcher Program
- 2018/19 National Higher Education Scholarship.
- November 30, 2018 - SZTE JGYPK Scientific Student Conference 2 pcs I.Hely - Glass sculptures: Labyrinth, Extro-introversion
- March 26, 2019 Sófi Scholarship, Golden Degree.
- The souvenirs I make can be purchased in several areas of the Country and directly from me, in person or through a web store.

My webshop:

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